Top of ICORR2009 : International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics in Kyoto, Japan

Accessibility Information

From Kansai Internationa Airport to Kyoto
All JR Haruka express train has seats for wheelchair users in car No.3. Details should be asked at the ticket office in the station.

Accessible taxi can be used from KIX to Kyoto or in Kyoto, but reservation is required.
Miyako Taxi (Japanese only)
List of Accessible Taxi Company in Kyoto(Japanese only)

From Kyoto station to Kyoto International Conference Center
You can find the detail information of access to Kyoto International Conference Center at the below link. Situation was improved a little; The Shinkansen up-platform at Kyoto station had no elevator in 2006, but now all platforms are accessible by elevator.

Access information to the conference site (for UD2006 participants)

Kyoto City Subway
All subway station has elevators, escalators and accesible toilets.

Kyoto City Bus
Lift Buses are available on only limited bus survices: 12, 15, 18, 31, 65, 78, 91 and 205. They run every 90-180 minutes. Two wheelchairs can ride on a bus. The service is available without reservation, but it is better for you to contact with the office previously.
A half of Kyoto City buses have Low-floor. Low-floor Buses are available on most of bus services, but the operation timetable is not fixed.

Accessibility of major tamples and shrines

Sanjusangendo Temple
Accessible at the garden and the building. Ramps have been installed. Accessible toilet.
Official Web : (Japanese only)

Kiyomizudera Temple
The slop between the bus stop and the Kiyomizudera Temple is steep and long. It is necessary to climb up the steep slop from the public parking. For wheelchair users, taxis or cars can take a special route near to the Main Hall. Details should be asked of the temple office or accessible taxi driver. Accessible toilet.
Official Web : (Japanese only)

Yasaka Jinja (Shrine)
Accessible through Tokiwa-shinden building. Accessible toilet at Tokiwa-shinden.
Official Web :

Chion-in Temple
Accessible at the Main hall but not at the garden. The acccess route for wheelchair users is located at the south of the Sanmon (Gate). Accessible toilet.
Official Web :

Heian Jingu (Shrine)
East Shin-en Garden is accessible without assistance but only partly accessible in the buildings. Accessible toilet.
Official Web :

Zenrinji Temple (Eikan-do)
Accessible at the garden but not at the building. The accessible route would be opend on your request at the entrance. Accessible toilet.
Official Web :

Jishoji Temple (Ginkakuji Temple : Silver Pavilion)
Most are accessible but there are some steep inaccessible sections. Wheelchair users can park cars in front of the main gate. No accessible toilets.
Official Web : (Japanese only)

Sanzenin Temple
If you call with an interphone at the south gate, cars for wheelchair users can run through the gate direct to the temple. There are some steep inaccessible sections. No accessible toilets.
Official Web : (Japanese only)

Kamigamo Jinja Shrine
All pathway are flat but there are steps for buildings.
Official Web :

Rokuonji Temple (Kinkakuji Temple : Golden Pavilion)
Partly not accessible. Accessible toilet.
Official Web : (Japanese only)

For inquires about accebilities, please send an e-mail to: secretariat 'at'

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ALL photos of Kyoto were offered by the Kyoto Convention Bureau.