Top of ICORR2009 : International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics in Kyoto, Japan

Welcome to Kyoto - Culture Heart of Japan

Kyoto is special because it reigned as national capital for more than a 1000 years, which is not only the longest that any city has ruled Japan but also it was the centre of activity throughout the formative years when what we now think of as Japanese culture was born, developed and refined. Kyoto is the city where today during your visit you can delve into Japanese history as well as experience the way of living that keeps Kyoto at the forefront of developing emerging technologies.

Japanese history and heritage lives on in the 1.5 million population modern Kyoto: Seventeen UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites are situated in a cityscape dominated by 2000 temples and shrines. The city offers you endless opportunities to gain meaningful hands-on experience of rich Kyoto culture through Tea Ceremony, sake brewing, kimono wearing, swordsmanship, and more. Japan is renowned for its safety and the compactness of Kyoto makes for wonderful strolling during free time. From the moment of arrival at Kansai International Airport - just 75mins from the city centre - you will be pampered with everything you need from refined Kyoto service.

Kyo Yuzen Toji Temple Bamboo

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ALL photos of Kyoto were offered by the Kyoto Convention Bureau.