Podium Sessions

June 24

09:30 - 10:30 Podium Session, POD1

09:30-09:45 WeAPOD1.1 Upper Limb Rehabilitation of Stroke Participants Using Electrical Stimulation: Changes in Tracking and EMG Timing Ann-Marie Hughes* , Chris T Freeman , Jane Helena Burridge , Paul H Chappell , Paul L Lewin , Eric Rogers
09:45-10:00 WeAPOD1.2 Rehabilitation of Grasping and Forearm Pronation/Supination with the Haptic Knob Olivier Lambercy* , Ludovic Dovat , Hong Yun , Seng Kwee Wee , Christopher Wee Keong Kuah , Karen Sui Geok Chua , Roger Gassert , Theodore Edgar Milner , Chee Leong Teo , etienne burdet
10:00-10:15 WeAPOD1.3 Error-Enhanced Augmented Proprioceptive Feedback in Stroke Rehabilitation Training: A Pilot Study. Birgit I. Molier* , Jacintha de Boer , G.B. (Gerdienke) Prange , Michiel J.A. Jannink
10:15-10:30 WeAPOD1.4 Time Course of Abnormal Synergies of Stroke Patients Treated and Assessed by a Neuro-Rehabilitation Robot pin-cheng kung , Chou-Ching K Lin* , Ming-Shaung Ju , Shu-Min Chen

14:15 - 15:15 Podium Session, POD2

14:15-14:30 WeCPOD2.1 Standing-Up Motion Support for Paraplegic Patient with Robot Suit HAL Atsushi Tsukahara* , Yasuhisa Hasegawa , Yoshiyuki Sankai
14:30-14:45 WeCPOD2.2 Gait Trials of an Active AFO for Achilles Tendon Ruptures Nobuyuki Yoshizawa*
14:45-15:00 WeCPOD2.3 Design of a Joint-Coupled Orthosis for FES-Aided Gait Ryan Farris* , Hugo Quintero , Thomas Withrow , Michael Goldfarb
15:00-15:15 WeCPOD2.4 Estimation of Finger Joint Angles from Semg Using a Recurrent Neural Network with Time-Delayed Input Vectors Masaaki Hioki* , Haruhisa Kawasaki

17:00 - 18:00 Podium Session, POD3

17:00-17:15 WeEPOD3.1 Bio-Cooperative Robotics: Controlling Mechanical, Physiological and Mental Patient States Robert Riener* , Alexander Christian Koenig , Bolliger Marc , Martin Wieser , Alexander Duschau-Wicke , Heike Vallery
17:15-17:30 WeEPOD3.2 Biocooperation in Rehabilitation Robotics of Upper Extremities Marko Munih* , Domen Novak , Tadej Bajd , MatjaEMihelj
17:30-17:45 WeEPOD3.3 Methodological Consideration for the Recruitment of Upper Limb Muscles During Two Joint Arm Movements Tasuku Miyoshi* , Yoshiyuki Takahashi , Lee Hokyoo , Masaki Yamaguchi , Takashi Komeda
17:45-18:00 WeEPOD3.4 Mental Health Evaluation Using Chemical Sensor As Human-Machine Interface Yusuke Tahara* , Takayuki Takahashi , Kazunori Takeda , Tasuku Miyoshi , Masaki Yamaguchi

June 25

09:15 - 10:30 Podium Session, POD4

09:15-09:30 ThAPOD4.1 A List of Household Objects for Robotic Retrieval Prioritized by People with ALS Young Sang Choi*, Travis Deyle, Tiffany Chen, Jonathan Glass, Charlie Kemp
09:30-09:45 ThAPOD4.2 Robotic Assistance with Attitude: A Mobility Agent for Motor Function Rehabilitation and Ambulation Support Jaime Valls Miro* , vivien osswald , Mitesh Patel , Gamini Dissanayake
09:45-10:00 ThAPOD4.3 MIT-Skywalker Caitlyn Joyce Bosecker , Hermano Igo Krebs*
10:00-10:15 ThAPOD4.4 Design of a New Lower Extremity Orthosis for Overground Gait Training with the WalkTrainer Yves Allemand* , Yves Stauffer , Reymond Clavel , Roland BRODARD
10:15-10:30 ThAPOD4.5 Design and Control of Two Planar Cable-Driven Robots for Upper-Limb Neurorehabilitation Giulio Rosati* , Damiano Zanotto , Riccardo Secoli , Aldo Rossi

14:30 - 15:45 Podium Session, POD5

14:30-14:45 ThCPOD5.1 Self-Contained Powered Knee and Ankle Prosthesis: Initial Evaluation on a Transfemoral Amputee Frank Sup* , Huseyin Atakan Varol , Jason Mitchell , Thomas Withrow , Michael Goldfarb
14:45-15:00 ThCPOD5.2 Powered Sit-To-Stand and Assistive Stand-To-Sit Framework for a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis Huseyin Atakan Varol* , Frank Sup , Michael Goldfarb
15:00-15:15 ThCPOD5.3 Powered Ankle-Foot System That Mimics Intact Human Ankle Behavior: Proposal of a New Concept Rino Versluys* , Arnout Matthys , Ronald Van Ham , Innes Vanderniepen , Dirk Lefeber
15:15-15:30 ThCPOD5.4 Progress Towards the Development of the SmartHand Transradial Prosthesis Christian Cipriani* , Marco Controzzi , Maria Chiara Carrozza
15:30-15:45 ThCPOD5.5 A Proposal of a Method to Reduce Burden of Excretion Care Using Robot Technology Keiko Homma*, Yoji Yamada, Osamu Matsumoto, Eiichi Ono, Suwoong Lee, mikio horimoto, takahiro suzuki, Noriyuki Kanehira, Toshiaki Suzuki, Shinichiro Shiozawa

17:30 - 18:45 Podium Session, POD6

17:30-17:45 ThEPOD6.1 Modular Playware as a Playful Diagnosis Tool for Autistic Children Henrik Hautop Lund*
17:45-18:00 ThEPOD6.2 Supporting Narrative Understanding of Children with Autism: A Story Interface with Autonomous Autobiographic Agents Wan Ching Ho* , Megan Davis , Kerstin Dautenhahn
18:00-18:15 ThEPOD6.3 The Use of Socially Assistive Robots in the Design of Cognitive Therapies for People with Dementia Adriana Tapus* , Cristian Tapus , Maja Mataric
18:15-18:30 ThEPOD6.4 Safe Robot Therapy: Adaptation and Usability Test of a Three-Position Enabling Device for Use in Robot Mediated Physical Therapy of Stroke Andras Toth* , David Nyitrai , Mihaly Jurak , Istvan Merksz , Gabor Fazekas , Zoltán Dénes
18:30-18:45 ThEPOD6.5 Rehabilitation Robotics in Robotics for Healthcare; a Roadmap Study for the European Commission Gert Jan Gelderblom* , Monique de Wilt , Ger Cremers , Arjan Rensma

09:15 - 10:45 Podium Session, POD7

09:15-09:30 FrAPOD7.1 Impact of Visual Error Augmentation Methods on Task Performance and Motor Adaptation Ozkan Celik* , Dane Powell , Marcia O'Malley
09:30-09:45 FrAPOD7.2 Validation of a Smooth Movement Model for a Human Reaching Task Joel C. Huegel* , Andrew Lynch , Marcia O'Malley
09:45-10:00 FrAPOD7.3 Gait Variability While Walking with Three Different Speeds Huiying Yu* , Jody L. Riskowski , Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan
10:00-10:15 FrAPOD7.4 Audio Image Rendering for the Severely Visually Impaired Sepideh Hajipour , Niloufar Babapour Khosravi , Edmond Zahedi*
10:15-10:30 FrAPOD7.5 Walking Speed and Slope Estimation Using Shank-Mounted Inertial Measurement Units Qingguo li* , Mei Young , Veronica Naing , Max Donelan
10:15-10:45 FrAPOD7.6 Relation between Ability to Track Force During Dual Tasking and Function in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Sujata Pradhan* , Bambi Brewer , George Carvell , Patrick Sparto , Anthony Delitto , Yoky Matsuoka